Application Information

Application for Membership

  1. Membership in the Association is subject to approval by the Board of Directors
  2. Applicants may apply for any class of membership for which they feel qualified. The Association reserves the right to assign alternate membership classes or reject any application.
  3. Institutional or associate members shall not represent more than one campus nor more than one academic division on campus.
  4. New members shall be furnished a membership certificate and such other properties of the Association as the Board may direct to be retained during membership.


  1. The annual dues for membership in the Association shall be established by the Board of Directors and approved by a majority of the institutional members at a general membership meeting.
  2. Members become delinquent in the Association if dues are not paid when due. Delinquent member status is removed by full payment of dues.

Removal and Reinstatement of Members

  1. The Board of Directors may, by a 2/3 majority, remove a member for non-payment of dues or actions judged as injurious to the Association.
  2. A removed member shall return all properties of the Association that were retained during membership.
  3. Any member of the Association may resign in good standing by giving written notice.

Membership in the Association shall be two types: Individual and Organizational.

Organizations or individuals eligible for membership may fill out one of the following application forms. Please read the following membership grouping information, pick the hyper-linked type of membership that fits your organization and submit the completed form.

There shall be one class of individual members: Honorary.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall be those persons who have been honored by the Association for the performance of distinguished service to construction education. Such honorary membership shall be conferred by the unanimous vote of the Board of the Association or of a conference, and shall entitle the recipient to the privileges of membership as a person, without payment of dues, but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

There shall be four classes of organizational members: Institutional, Associate, Industry, and Governmental.

Institutional Members


Institutional Members shall be those institutions having at least one baccalaureate or higher degree construction program. Annual member dues are $750.00.

$750 Annually

Associate Members


Associate Members shall be institutions of higher education, including junior and community colleges, not meeting institutional member requirements (two year programs). Annual member dues are $350.00.

$350 Annually

Industry Members


Industry Members shall be industrial organizations demonstrating a constructive interest in construction education. Annual member dues are $750.

$750 Annually

Governmental Members

Governmental Members shall be government agencies having a constructive interest in construction education. Annual member dues are $750.

$750 Annually