As charged by the membership attending the formation meeting (at the University of Florida, in March, 1965) the officers (pro-tem) with two committee chairmen, participated in an interim meeting at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, on July 26 and 27, 1965.

Representatives attending this interim meeting were:

  • President (Pro-tem) — B. M. Radcliffe
  • Vice President (Pro-tem) — William L. Favrao
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Pro-tem) — Edward Shaifer, Jr.
  • Committee Chairman — Don A. Halperin
  • Committee Chairman — Frank Marion Orr


The work accomplished at this meeting consisted of (1) a detailed agenda for the first general meeting to be held at Michigan State University, in September, 1965, and, (2) a draft of constitution and by-laws to be presented to the membership f or consideration at the first general meeting.

No question concerning membership was raised except that it was generally considered that the “Associated Schools of Construction” was (at that time) fully established, with membership consisting of those schools represented at the March, 1965, meeting at the University of Florida.

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