Dr. Ken WilliamsonThe ASC is pleased to announce Dr. Kenneth Williamson as the recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. If you know Ken, you know his passion for construction education. An accomplished industry professional turned construction educator, Ken has invested in thousands of students, teaching over 195 courses at three different universities. A colleague who used to be a former student remembers Dr. Williamson’s dedication:

“As a student doing homework and projects late into the night, it was common for Dr. Williamson’s office to be the only light on in the building. In subsequent class periods, when asked why he kept such late hours, his answer typically had to do with his work as a Webmaster for the ASC or his duties as the journal editor.”

Ken’s dedication to construction education goes beyond the students at the universities in which he has been employed: he touched many more people through ASC. He has served other faculty and students on both the regional and international level for almost 30 years. Construction students appreciate his endless hours of service as the Region 5 Competition Coordinator for 15 years and 13 years of competition coaching.

His service extends to faculty and other constituents, as Ken created the ASC website in 1994. With all the aforementioned service, Ken’s greatest and most lasting impact to construction education to date may be the creation of the Journal of Construction Education (now the International Journal of Construction Education and Research). He also extended his service as the Journal Advisory Board Chair in its first six years. Today’s higher education landscape stresses faculty research and publishing. Ken recognized this need more than 20 years ago and created a venue where construction educators and researchers could meet the publication demands. All faculty who have and will publish in the ASC Journal have him to thank.

As another colleague wrote:

“In summary, Dr. Williamson exemplifies the meaning of the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award through his years of outstanding service to the ASC in many capacities as well as his contributions to construction education. I cannot imagine a more deserving candidate, although there are many fine faculty associated with ASC. In many ways, ASC simply would not be as meaningful to construction education as it is today without the years of exceptional service to the organization by Dr. Williamson.”

ASC congratulates Ken on his award.

— Testimonial written by:
Dr. Heather Yates,
Oklahoma State University