Brisbane Brown

Brisbane Brown
Life Time Achievement Award

Industry Achievement Award

    • Dorothy Shaw

Host School

    • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • The Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction
    • Associated Schools of Construction
    • 47th Annual International Conference

Outstanding Educator Award

    • Paul W. Holley – Region II
    • Stuart Bernstein – Region IV  
    • Steven J. Peterson – Region VI

Outstanding Researcher Award

    • David E. Gunderson – Region VII

National Excellence Teaching Award

    • James G. Sullivan – Region II

Regional Excellence Teaching Award

    • James G. Sullivan – Region II
    • Scott A. Arias – Region III
    • John D. Schwarz Jr. – Region VII
    • Scott D. Kelting – Region VII

Best Conference Paper Award

There are two for this year.

  • “Superintendent Competencies and Attributes:  First Look at a National Study”
    David E. Gunderson, Washington State University
    Gene W. Gloeckner, Colorado State University 
  • “An Investment Analysis Framework for Energy Retrofit in Existing Buildings”
    Baabak Ashuri, Hamed Kashani, and Jian Lu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Best Conference Paper – Honorable Mention Award

  • “Is Reflectorless EDM Technology Reliable for Building Construction Layout Tolerances?”
    Paul W. Holley, Auburn University
    Thomas H. Perrine, Capstone Companies
    Travis Gamble, Bailey-Harris Construction

Conference Grant Recipients

  • Lacey Duckworth, Univ of Southern MississippiSomik Ghosh, Virginia TechSterling Graham, Brigham Young Univ
    Kiyoung Son, Texas A&M
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